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Weather Report - Conditions for Williamston, NC at 6:33 am EDT
Currently 73°F
High 83°F
Low 73°F

Light Rain
2 Day Forecast
Sat Scattered Thunderstorms
High: 83°F Low: 73°F
Sun Scattered Thunderstorms
High: 83°F Low: 74°F
Mon Scattered Thunderstorms
High: 81°F Low: 73°F
Tue Scattered Thunderstorms
High: 81°F Low: 73°F
Wed Scattered Thunderstorms
High: 84°F Low: 73°F
More Current Condition Details
High 83°F
Low 73°F
Wind Chill 73°F
Wind Speed 3 mph
Wind Direction 190
Sunrise 5:53 am
Sunset 8:25 pm
Latitude 35.85
Longitude -77.06

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